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Registry Tips

We asked, "What advice would you have for other registrants about using a gift registry or on traveling in general?"

Sign up for everything possible! It seemed to me that people liked to purchase something that was memorable rather than just give a "trip contribution." I loved that I could discreetly ask for money to go toward my trip.
- Jane Hollimer
Use it, as it's a wonderful way to offset the costs for a vacation that you deserve! My tip would be to do a good mix of relaxing items and excursions...don't stress.
- Rachelle Myers
The registry gave us some great ideas, and the people that bought from it were very excited to make our honeymoon fun. Our tip is to find out how much specific trips are so you ask for the right amount. If you're not sure, ask for a little more than you might think. It's better to have extra.
- Adria McLaughlin - Halseth
I went to an All Inclusive Resort and I was surprised that so many of my friends and family were happy to give me a part of that All Inclusive package. I got so many gifts it allowed me to extend my trip by 2 days!
- Michelle Renolds
We loved this idea! We already had 2 households, and so we just really wanted to go on our honeymoon, this was a great way to help us make sure we did get to go on one. Make sure you put a lot of things up for your guests to choose from.
- Tara and Jon Kaut
Try to put things that are trip specific, even if you are not sure you will use the item. I put down scooter rental and they were quickly purchased. This is a great site, great customer service, and had a great response. The registry was easy to use, my family had no problems, and it was fun getting the e-cards!
- Kathy Padilla
Our tip is to make sure and tell people where you are registered. Our guests appreciated knowing exactly what we wanted and not having to guess (then have us end up with something we didn't want!). Along with the cards, we made sure our Best Man, Matron of Honor, and parents knew what to tell everyone.
- Courtney and Jess Martinez
Be creative on your registry and get your guests involved. It's fun and easy!
- Amanda Hayes